Marc Patch


 Marc's signature guitar is the 92 Tele-style that was built by Marc. It has a humbucker and a single-coil, the artwork is my Robi Messerich. It's a great guitar for rock & pop music.
Marc's 95 Custom Telecaster is the workhrorse of the bunch. It has 2 switchable humbuckers, It's good for almost anything.
Marc's 93 Stratocaster is stock except for an acoustic bridge pickup & the pickguard. This is a great country or jazz guitar.
Marc's Crafter acoustic-electric is the most used acoustic. It was bought it in 1998 used.
Marc's 94 Custom built guitar can do one thing, Rock! Artwork by Robi Messerich.
Marc's 04 Washburn Oscar Schmitt is a sweet jazz & rock guitar.
Marc's Cortez P-Bass, probably from the 60's has been his main bass for over 20 years.
For Amps Marc uses a 100 watt Marshall Valvestate head with a matching 1-15 cabinet.
He also uses for smaller venues & recording a Fender Princeton (blackface) from the 60's
For pedals he uses a Boss chorus & flanger, a Peavey delay, a Digitech R-55, Nady wireless, Sabine tuner.
D'Addario Strings - 11's with a wound 3rd.
For picks - Fender 346 Heavy. 


Marc's main kit is a 60's-70's Slingerland 4 piece (20" kick, 12" rack & 16" floor. (also has the 13" & 14" rack toms) Marc refinished this kit in 2013.

Marc's main snares are a late 1956-9 10X14 Slingerland, a 1965 10X14 Slingerland, a COB 5.5X14 Slingerland, and a 6.5 X14 metal Pearl.

Marc uses Zildjian cymbals (vintage 14" hihats, 14" crash, & 16" crash) also uses a 20" Sabian ride.

He also has a 1960's Pearl 4 piece in blue sparkle.